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Like a rollercoaster! is about the highs and lows which are to be expected as a normal part of the university experience. It’s always a good idea to be prepared and “look at the online support your uni offers- mental health, research/studying help”


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Like a Rollercoaster

Like a rollercoaster ride … is this normal?

It can be a rollercoaster experience; moments of pride and elation, and that special ‘wow I’ve got this’ feeling, mixed with high levels of stress during assessment times or when my personal life intruded on my study. Overall, I feel pride and I feel empowered from studying … My feelings of pride and empowerment come from achieving success in my study … and feeling like I have a skill and ability that I did not know I had before. I feel like I have found who I am and realised my potential – my world has opened since I started studying and while it is stressful I know I am working towards something I enjoy. (Linda)

Linda is 31-40 from outer regional WA, in 3rd year education, fulltime in blended mode. She is from LSES background, has children as well as community commitments

  • It’s exciting to go to uni and I feel grateful and proud to be going there, even though at times it can be stressful, tiring and even intimidating. (Ari)

    Ari is 18-20 from an inner regional area, in 1st year Psychology, on campus fulltime. She is first in family and works a casual job. She commutes 4 days a week to uni.

  • Uplifting but draining! Never-ending. Worth it. (Simone)

    Simone is 41-50 from an inner regional area, in 4th year accounting, online part-time. She has children and other caring responsibilities, is involved in the community and works part-time

  • Apprehension; excitement … I’m a mature aged student & don’t feel confident regarding study techniques or what’s expected of me. I’ve experienced difficulty with online learning in the past – seeking clarification and assistance emails is something I’m uncomfortable doing. I feel excitement because I’m unhappy in my current career so learning new things with prospect of a new career is giving me direction and something to look forward to. (Madeline)

    Madeline is 31-40 from an inner regional area, in 1st year ICT, fulltime online. She is from working class background and works part time

  • Overwhelming, exciting, proud. GREAT PRIDE! motivating, fulfilling, exhausting, draining. While it is hard work, the rewards fill my soul with pride and such propels me forward towards the career I desire. (Laura)

    Laura is 26-30 from an outer regional location, in 2nd year nursing fulltime, online. She is from working class background, works part-time and is involved in community and extra-curricular activities. She chose online for its flexibility

  • It’s been hard. Okay. If I think of all the negatives – well not “negatives” – but yeah, it’s been very hard, time-consuming, overwhelming, frustrating, but by the same token, it’s been a massive learning experience, a massive growth experience and it’s tiring, it’s all-consuming, it’s made me cry, it’s made me laugh. (Tina)

    Tina is 48 from an outer regional area, in 1st year Masters social work, fulltime in blended mode. She has children, community responsibilities and works fulltime

  • Uni has taught me so much about myself and the world, it makes me feel lucky to be able to attend but humbled about how big the world is … Stress because of workload, juggling life, assignments … It sometimes feels lonely being an online student and its hard to know where you fit with other students (Michelle)

    Michelle is 31-40 from a remote area, studying Psychological Science fulltime, online. She is first in family and from working class background. She has children, community commitments and has casual work.

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