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I’m at uni: now keep going! is a collection of encouragement and advice, gleaned from experience, for those who have already begun their studies.


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I’m at Uni: Now keep going!

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Who or what keeps you going?

Students identified a variety of ways they kept going, especially when the going got tough. This ranged from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or drawing on their inner strengths and determination. Also the support of family and friends is really important, as are colleagues, uni staff, peers, pets, faith or getting out, taking a break and doing something active.

Knowing when the end date is of my last test!!! Having a loving family also that just make me smile and pick me up saying it’s gonna be ok. Also, an important one is knowing that I am setting myself up for my future, and in the end it’s going to be all worth it!

Brooke is 18-20 from inner regional NSW, in 2nd year Commerce, fulltime in blended mode. She is first in family, has community commitments and works part-time and casual jobs

  • I suppose it’s ending up in a job – as my mum said – that is something I enjoy, not necessarily something that makes ends meet. Both last year and this year I’ve had a ton of support from different people that I never thought I would have had so that’s been a real influence right there (Caitlyn)

    Caitlyn is 21 from an outer regional area, in 3rd year Arts, fulltime online. She is a student with disability, from LSES and working class background, and involved in volunteer work in her community

  • To prove to myself that I can do this, even though people have told me that I can’t. (Zara)

    Zara is 31-40 from an outer regional area and is in her 2nd year of Nursing, studying part-time by distance/block mode. She is a mum, works fulltime, is a first in family, matureaage student, and comes from a working class background

  • I think it’s just my personality is that I’m motivated; I like to finish things – once I start I like to finish them. I’m quite headstrong and stubborn in that regard, but also, it’s what I want to do, right? (Beth)

    Beth is 34 from an outer regional area in 1st year psychological science, part-time online. She is first in family, from working class background and works fulltime

  • The light at the end of the tunnel [laughing]. I have a couple of good friends that really keep me motivated and having coffee once a week with one of them to kind of get my head back in the right place and know why I’m doing it really… yeah, and the kids keep me motivated. (Carly)

    Carly is 32, from an outer regional area, in second year Nursing, studying online and part-time. She has children, is working fulltime, is a first in family, mature age student and is from a working class background.