Within a Cooee! Advice Tool

I’m at uni: now keep going! is a collection of encouragement and advice, gleaned from experience, for those who have already begun their studies.


Being Regional

I’m Thinking About Uni

I’m at Uni: Now keep going!

Like a Rollercoaster

Practical advice

Find like-minded people who will encourage you or listen to what you have learned. It helps you explain your knowledge but they also uplift you, during hard times – AND! always ask for subject exemptions. Life experiences are now included as exemptions in some universities so it always pays to ask.

Sharon is from outer regional VIC, 1st year of Education, fulltime. She is mature-aged, from working class background and works part-time. She is a mum and has community commitments

  • My advice would be to do some basic introductory courses e.g. referencing styles, essay writing, research basics. Setting yourself a schedule is also helpful. (Maureen)

    Maureen is 31-40 in 1st year psychological science, part-time in block mode. She is from working class background and lives in an isolated location. She also works fulltime and has extra-curricular activities

  • Do small amounts every day and plan assignments well ahead of the due date. Reward yourself for hitting goals (Monica)

    Monica is 21-25 from an inner regional area, 5th year part-time accident forensics, online. She is a student with disability, and has community and extra-curricular commitments

  • Ask for help when you need it and apply for scholarships! (Linda)

    Linda is 31-40 from an outer regional area, in 3rd year education, fulltime in blended mode. She is from LSES background, has children as well as community commitments

  • Have some support in place – i.e. help with children. Also organise access to good internet (Vicki, staff)

    Vicki (staff) is a centre manager of an outer regional universities centre