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I’m at uni: now keep going! is a collection of encouragement and advice, gleaned from experience, for those who have already begun their studies.


Being Regional

I’m Thinking About Uni

I’m at Uni: Now keep going!

Like a Rollercoaster

Pearls of wisdom

Make it your ONE thing, so it is always your focus, buy yourself an AMAZING coffee machine

Mairead is 31-40 from inner regional NSW, 3rd year of Psychology part-time. She is a student with disability and has children. She hasn’t had to move for her studies

  • 100% do it, in life you always should wanna take the path that scares you the most because it’ll offer the better learning experience (Danielle)

    Danielle is 18-20 from a remote area, in 1st year behavioural science, fulltime online. She works part-time

  • Breathe, you’ll make friends. Just focus on your health, don’t sacrifice too much. You’re still learning. (Dana)

    Dana is 18-20 from an outer regional area in 1st year international relations, fulltime in blended mode. She is from LSES and working class background, and works part-time

  • The time will pass anyway (Nicole)

    Nicole is 31-40 from an inner regional area, in 3rd year education, fulltime online. She is first in family and from working class background. She is a mother, has community commitments and also works fulltime

  • It may be hard, but look at the resources you have available and utilise them. (Ronni)

    Ronni is 18-20 from an inner regional area, in 1st year business, part-time online. She is first in family and from working class background. She is a carer for others, works fulltime and has community commitments