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I’m at uni: now keep going! is a collection of encouragement and advice, gleaned from experience, for those who have already begun their studies.


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I’m at Uni: Now keep going!

Like a Rollercoaster

Find your support networks

Travel is hard and time consuming. Being away from family is hard, find yourself and amazing support network and use them enjoy the experience and do what you are passionate about … If you are passionate about it, and have a good support network, do it.

Paula is 31-40 from inner regional SA in 4th year Behavioural Science, part-time on campus. She didn’t move but has to commute. She is a student with disability, from LSES situation and also has children

  • You will make friends, regardless of what you think, you will make friends one way or another. It’s expensive living in the city. It will be worth it once you are done. … If you can financially support the move, do it, it will be well worth it when you are finished. (Jesse)

    Jesse is 21-25 from a remote area, in 2nd year education, moved far away to attend fulltime on campus, and is from working class background.

  • To reach out for help and support when you need, meet new people and form new friendships with students with similar interests, completing a similar degree, apply for scholarships as a lot are aimed at students from rural backgrounds. (Jeff, staff)

    Jeff (staff) is in a student support adviser role at large university

  • So, for me, absolutely, without the Country University Centre I would have been lost. I won’t say I would have probably thrown it in but I might have been tempted to have quit and just said, “No, it’s too hard. I can’t do this”. That kind of support for me… because online learning too, is very isolating. You know, you’re not going to tutorials, where you can sit and talk to other people and discuss things, you’re not going off and having lunch when your lecture finishes with people from your classes that you’re sitting there talking about an assignment you’ve got to do or all that kind of stuff. (Wendy)

    Wendy is 53 from an inner regional area, in 2nd year of Social Science, studying part-time, online. She is from LSES and working class background, and has caring responsibilities

  • Reach out and talk to as many people as possible about your study aspirations. Local campus contacts are the best place to start. The more information you can obtain about university will help better inform your chosen career pathway AND assist in addressing the many anxieties surrounding studying at university. (Rosie, staff)

    Rosie (staff) has worked in regional campus services for 5-10 years