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I’m at uni: now keep going! is a collection of encouragement and advice, gleaned from experience, for those who have already begun their studies.


Being Regional

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I’m at Uni: Now keep going!

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Don’t hold back from seeking help

Be a help-seeker: A lot of regional students aren’t confident about putting themselves forward, or ‘making a fuss’ when they are struggling … but people who ask for help are doing better at uni, and the people who aren’t doing very well don’t ask for help.

Sonia (staff) grew up in a regional area and now has a role supporting first-year regional students. She calls each one, to see how they’re going, and if there’s anything they need. She has found that she acts like a ‘bridge’ between the student and the university services, which can sometimes seem ‘impenetrable’

  • Make sure you take advantage of every support service available, including financial assistance. Connect with other students for moral and academic support. Make sure your family and friends understand what studying means for your and them, and see if they can assist you when it’s hectic, e.g. by providing meals, helping with caring responsibilities etc. It takes a community for you to get your qualification! (Carla, staff)

    Carla (staff) has been a senior library manager for 4 years at a university with multiple regional campuses

  • Communication and connections are important and if feeling isolated seek support where possible (Serena)

    Serena is 21-25 from a remote area, in 4th year early childhood, part-time online. She is from working class background and works fulltime

  • That the key is to communicate and ask for help if you are struggling in any area whether academic, social, mental, physical. Help is always there. (Alice)

    Alice is 41-50 from an inner regional area, in 1st year Arts, full time on campus. She is a student with disability and from LSES background. She also has children and other caring responsibilities

  • Use all supports available to you. Use the Countries University Centre if you have one, it’s a godsend. (Rhiannon)

    Rhiannon is over 51, from an inner regional area, in 2nd year psychology, fulltime in block mode. She is from working class background