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Being Regional is focused on strengths and qualities; some of these you may already have, which can be translated to many other life situations, including getting a degree.


Being Regional

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These three quotes are typical of how regional people described other regional people:

  • they are disciplined and have self-motivation, an understanding of delayed gratification as most things aren’t as readily or easily obtained in remote/regional areas (Rachel)
  • they have dogged determination (Justine)
  • they are determined and hard-working, resourceful, resilient (Ari)

For more on strengths and qualities:

There’s a willingness by some of the students to want to work in remote areas and help people. And that’s non-Aboriginal students as well. So, there is that “closeness” with some of the students who really do have that interest (Colin, staff)

Colin (staff) is a proud Aboriginal man, and lecturer in cultural safety and awareness on a regional campus

Regional students are generally not spoon fed and have a high work ethic and often are good problem solvers and practical thinkers. (Robert)

Robert is 41-50 from an inner regional area, doing Arts part-time for over 5 years. He is first in family, from LSES background and lives with disability. He is also involved in the local community

  • We are resilient, know what it’s like to truly struggle. I come from a farming background, so grew up helping parents work in paddocks. Taught me about hard work and respect for how lucky I am

    Jules is 26-30 from an outer regional area, in her 3rd year of Psychological Science. She studies fulltime, is first in family, from a LSES and working class background

  • Regional students have their own grit, they have their own determination to make it work and I think it’s because they know how to persist if something doesn’t work or if they get stuck on something, they know now to stick with it. And if they don’t know, they’re happy to ask and they know who to ask because they know us. But yeah, I think that resilience is definitely a big one.

    Molly (staff) has worked at a regional campus in careers for four years