What might get in the way?

Maybe there’s things out of your control that might get in the way – external hurdles or barriers.
It might help to name them

Some things that get in the way might be within your control. Recognising them can help you think about how to take action to overcome them.

Often there’s unexpected things that might get in the way. While it’s not good to worry about every possibility, often it’s good just to know that this happens to almost everybody.

Recognising potential barriers in itself is not going to remove them, because some are outside our control, but other hurdles are within our control.
What actions can you take to help move through some of the barriers/hurdles
Identify who you can talk to, or where you could find support if something is beyond your control?

Here’s what others have said:

  • Mainly my health but also there’s a lack if industry support and a lack of technology down here … and there’s a massive disconnect between the main university and our regional campuses.  It’s like we’re here and there’s the satellite but we don’t seem to be connecting (Neil)

    Neil is over 50 lives in an inner regional area. He has been studying part-time for more than 5 years. He is first in family, lives with disability, low SES and from a working class background.

  • Had to consider do I move to the location where my degree is offered, or do they have online study available (Judy)

    Judy is 41-50 from an inner regional area, in 2nd year Accounting part-time online. She has children, works part-time and has community commitments

  • I think it’s important to recognise that university is super big, especially when coming from the country. Think about accommodation, connections and how to look after yourself well. (Georgie)

    Georgie is 21-25 from a remote area, is in 4th year Arts, fulltime in blended mode. She is from LSES circumstances, works part-time, and is involved in community commitments and extra-curricular activities. She is far away from family.

  • When placement is out of the area … who will care for the kids because my husband works full-time as well – just yeah, will it have a big impact on me as a mother, will I still be able to work my job full-time, my mental health was a big one.  (Carly)

    Carly is 32, from an outer regional area, in second year Nursing, studying online and part-time. She has children, is working fulltime, is first-in-family, mature-age and is from a working class background.

  • Still having to go to work – that can be a barrier, just because of time, knowing that I’ve still got that two days a week to do but I still have assessments due, or I’ve still got to get stuff out by the end of the week, or I’ve got to get things done in order that I can sit down and watch a lecture at 6:00 o’clock at night or whatever it is (Chloe)

    Chloe is 49 from an outer regional area, in 2nd year education part-time in blended mode. She is first in family and from working class background. She has children and works part-time

  • The biggest problem that could stand in my way, is myself and my fears in letting other people direct where I go … like when I tell some people that I wanted to do medicine, some of the nursing students were like “What?  You’re a nurse.  Medicine’s too hard.  We’re nurses, we have to stick together”. If I listen to them I won’t meet the goal that I want and I’ll regret it in 20 years. (Macey)

    Macey is 18-20 from a very remote area, in 2nd year Nursing on campus. She is a student with disability, from working class background and is first in family at uni. She is 15 hours drive from home.

  • There’s a few different factors – location, how much it costs, things like that are especially big factors for regional students … where you’re going to get your funds from for uni is definitely something that could be the deciding factor of going or not going to uni (Eva)

    Eva is 18-20 from an inner regional area, in 1st year Accounting, online and fulltime. She also has community commitments and works part-time around her studies

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