How to get there

What can you be doing in the very near future – days, weeks which will move you closer to getting there?
Who might you need to be talking to?

Thinking a little bit further along, what can you be doing in the next month, two months, six months …?
Who could you ask for advice, or where could you go?

Further ahead in the future, what can you be doing in the next year, two years, five years …
Who is already ‘there’ that you could talk to, watch a video of, or google?


You may already be making plans. That’s great! But if not, the best time to start is now!
Think about your biggest vision and the steps you can take to move you closer. It may even be easier to work backwards from your goal, from the distant to near future.

Here’s what others have said:

  • Every journey is unique. There is no need to rush, if you want to do one course at a time because that works for you then do that. Take the time to learn and soak it in. Ask! if in doubt about anything, please ask! The support is there, your questions are valid, we are here to help – or find the help you may need. (Pina, Staff)

    Pina is a staff member working as program director at a metro university, in this role for 2-4 years.

  • Do it!  Do your homework – think about your budget, apply for scholarships, and put your hand up to make connections, try new things, and ask for help if/when you need it (Asha, Staff)

    Asha is a staff member who has worked in student outreach for 5-10 years and currently working at a metro university

  • I try to get involved in a lot of those things and a lot of networking and meeting people already in the industry just to align myself with them and their understanding.  That’s also why I’m signing up for the SES because I want to be able to give back and do some cool things (Bianca)

    Bianca is 21-25 from a remote area, in 3rd year Business fulltime on campus and moved to the city from a very small town. She works part-time and is from working class background.

  • What I’m doing at the moment is I have a separate fund that I’m putting fortnightly money into to save up to pay for my grad year … because I want to be able to put my preferences in and get whatever I get offered, be ready for it, to go so it’s not a stress. And I’m trying to do as much of those kind of professional development seminars and things as possible.  (Hannah)

    Hannah is 41-50 from an outer regional area, in 2nd year nursing, fulltime on campus. She is first in family, is a carer for family member(s) and works part time.

  • My degree is one of the things I’m doing now.  Another one that I’m looking into is joining the professional bodies that actually set the rules and standards … and placement. I’m working hard to make sure I do all my stuff and I’m really engaging with the content (Billy)

    Billy is 18-20 from an outer regional area in 1st year Commerce fulltime on campus. He is first in his family at university and works a casual job. He commutes 1.5 hours to uni.

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