Biggest Vision

Perhaps your biggest vision is quite specific – you know exactly what your aiming for

Maybe your biggest vision feels more general. That’s fine, it may not be clear-cut, but it’s still important

Maybe your biggest vision is big-picture that will make a difference to the community or broader society.

Write your biggest vision(s) down or tell someone, and then ask them how they see themselves in the future.

Here’s what others have said:

  • “I also want my family to have a better future” (Linda)

    Linda is 31-40 from an outer regional area, in 3rd year education, fulltime in blended mode. She is from LSES background, has children as well as community commitments

  • “make a difference. Help people” (Frankie)

    Frankie is 21-25, in 2nd year commerce, fulltime in blended mode. She is first in family, from working class background, and works part-time

  • “I want to get into the public sector and ideally in strategic management because I really like problem-solving” (Bianca)

    Bianca is 21-25 from a remote area, in 3rd year Business fulltime on campus and moved to the city from a very small town. She works part-time and is from working class background.

  • “my 10 year goal is to be a nurse unit manager or lead nurse in ED” (Sophie)

    Sophie is 34, in her 1st year of Nursing and studying full-time on-campus (moved online during COVID). She is from an inner regional area, has two pre-school aged children, and works part-time

  • “I would really like to go and finish my nursing, do my postgrad, work for a bit and then I would like to move home” (Morgan)

    Morgan is 18-20 from a very remote area and is in 2nd year of nursing. She is involved in a lot of community activities and moved away to study, about 8 hours from home.

  • “I would like to commit myself to a public service role to actively advance Australia’s position” (Darby)

    Darby is 18-20 living in an isolated location in an outer regional area She is in 1st year International Relations and is first-in-family, from a working class background.

  • I want to help families with a parent with a mental illness

    Jackie is 21-25 from an outer regional area, doing Behavioural Science on campus, 3rd year fulltime. She is first in her family at uni, and moved far from her family to study

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