“My future self” Reflective tool

Tap or hover on each tile to reveal thoughts, and a link to your next steps and quotes to help you on your way.

Biggest vision

Like a bridge between now and the future

If you had no limits of any kind, what is the biggest vision you have for your life?

This can be anything (it may even be more than one thing) as long as it’s what is important to you.


What I don’t want for my future

What do you not want to be doing in the future?


How to get there

Thinking about your biggest vision, what can you be doing today, tomorrow, next month, next year to move closer to getting there?



What are some of the things that might get in the way of you achieving what you really want?



What strategies do you have for dealing with challenges?


Ideas for recording/expressing reflections

Here are a few suggestions for putting together your reflections, but this is only limited by your own imagination and creativity:

  • Write down all of your thoughts and ideas. This could be as a story, dot points, mindmap, or as visual notetaking
  • Find an image, photo, or word that represents your ideas
  • Draw or paint, sing or put music to your ideas
  • Make a short video or digital story, (see Digital Story Tellers or Shifts in Space and Self), and share it amongst close others, or go broader (e.g. ABC Heywire for regional rural and remote Australians aged 16-22 or Trailblazers for 18-28 year olds)
  • Go to a favourite place, or sit outside amongst nature and be inspired by what is around you
  • Do an interview-style video with a friend and then swap, or do it ‘podcast’ style
  • Talk to someone you trust and look up to, about your dreams and hopes, your concerns, for the future and how to get there
Illustrations on this website are by Kate Delahunty.

Kate lives in regional Victoria, has 3 young children and operates a small farm. She is currently doing Masters in Art Therapy, and her formal education pathway has been far from linear with life events and issues (such as with internet, delivery mode and distance from campus) becoming (temporary) barriers to pursuing her studies. She is passionate about social justice and is currently doing placement with kids at a community house that aims to be socially inclusive.