Help is just a Cooee away!

Help and support are always within a Cooee! Reach out to someone as soon as you feel anxious or stressed, but especially if your university experience feels overwhelming.

Your university / campus will have a range of support services available for all students (online/distance and on-campus students). These services are FREE and there is usually a range that you have access to, such as help with developing skills and strategies for assessments (example), finding information or effective studying, social clubs or events, wellness services or extra-curricular activities, to name a few. Remember: student support staff are there to help.

Here are some other kinds of services that your university may offer:

  • personal counselling (a confidential space to discuss any concerns you may have about your academic performance, mental health or sense of wellbeing)
  • learning/academic skills support (for tips and skills in writing/study/assessments etc)
  • Disability services

  • mature-age student support

  • Indigenous Tailored Academic Program (ITAP)

  • peer assisted study

  • social clubs and fun stuff

  • health / wellbeing services

  • student mentor programs

  • Financial assistance / scholarship opportunities

  • IT support

  • Careers and employment opportunities / advice

If you’re a distance student, studying from home, check out if any universities have a regional campus near you, or if there is a Regional University Centre  or Country Universities Centre  near you – lots of help here with face-to-face support, fast internet, computing facilities and social support from friends.

Here are some links to other areas of support if needed:

Beyond Blue

SANE Australia

Domestic/family violence, other violence and abuse

1800RESPECT Helpline

First-in-family website

resources, tips for FiF students, family members and children of FiF students