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ABC Heywire puts young Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities.The ABC has run the annual regional youth project in partnership with the Australian Government since 1998.

Digital Storytellers: https://www.digitalstorytellers.com.au/
Digital storytellers’ approach: A story is only as good as the impact it creates. It’s what we do before and after the filming that unlocks the real magic.


Shifts in Space and Self: digital stories of 6 regional students https://shiftsinspaceandself.wordpress.com/
This site features digital stories created by 6 regional students at university or senior high school. Digital storytelling enables you, as the narrator, to be positioned centrally within the story-making process; this visual medium provides a creative and risk-free way to express yourself using accessible apps and software on digital devices.


Visual notetaking
A more creative form of note taking particularly when working through new ideas and complex concepts.


Know your coping strengths
Most people experience some kind of difficulties, setbacks and challenges. And when we have a disability we’re likely to experience these more so than others. Have you ever considered how these may have made you stronger in some way? One way to do this is to write about one of these experiences as a journalist or movie scriptwriter would. What was the adversity? How did you get around it or through it? What strategies did you use, for example persistence, determination, humour, support from others? Did you come out the other side in some way stronger and better than before? For example, were you more knowledgeable, determined, caring, or resilient? Now consider how you could use some of those strategies or strengths right now.


Other Useful Resources

First in family website and resources
If you are first in your family to go to university or thinking about going to university, this website has resources especially for you as well as your family, to uncover some of the unknowns about university.


Creating a support network 
This site gives some practical suggestions for creating a network of support around you who provide support, care and respect.


Young Money Podcasts
Podcast that will cover day-to-day financial skills for young Australians; A guide to making money, spending money and planning for the future (from Findex Community Fund)


5 meaningful minutes (by Dr Lydia Woodyatt)
Looking after yourself: self help resources for mental health:


How to pick the right uni course 
This article comes from ASTAR, a site which is made by students, for students. (Disclaimer excerpt: Articles do not reflect the opinions of ASTAR or the University of Sydney. Because ASTAR is a place for people to speak authentically about their experiences, some of the articles may be controversial, or even upsetting for some readers)