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The Regional Student Futures website and resources were developed from the 2020 Equity Fellowship of Dr Janine Delahunty (University of Wollongong), funded through the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (Curtin University). The full report from the project can be found here.

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About the Project

Welcome to the Regional Student Futures website. The website has been designed for people from regional, rural and remote locations who are planning for and working towards achieving their future goals and dreams. This could be a career change, a long-held dream, a personal goal, a post-school pathway or a desire to apply knowledge and skills to contribute to society in some way.

The resources include insights from research with students from regional, rural and remote areas and staff, using their words and ideas wherever possible to represent some of the diversity across educational experiences, life circumstances, motivations and perspectives. Some participants very generously provided feedback on the resources.

The Project
About the Resources







Resources for Students/Future Students

Advice tool: Within a Cooee!

For anyone thinking about university/further study, or who has already begun


Reflective tool: Students

A generic guide to reflecting on your aims and desires for the future, suitable for anyone


Resources for Staff who support regional, rural or remote students

Staff Guide

Guide and tips for using the reflective tool

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Student Stories

Vignettes to prompt discussion

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Laura’s Story

Laura’s story and others were created from some of the insights and complex realities that regional, rural and remote participants shared. As vignettes, some ‘poetic license’ was taken so that each story remained focused on a particular aspect, but care was also taken to ensure that the regional, rural and remote voices remain centre-stage. (Note: all names are pseudonyms).

My emotions go from finding it overwhelming to exciting. I am proud, yes I have GREAT PRIDE! It is also motivating, fulfilling, exhausting, draining. But while it is hard work, the rewards fill my soul with pride …”

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Tailored Resources for you

If you are having trouble finding the right resources, use our resource finder tool.

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